Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lessons in Fresh final show of 2013

I will be playing an all vinyl set in Tulsa on December, 14th with my homie Dj Somar and Company.  I can still remember not trusting Final Scratch and or Scratch Live for the longest time.  I used to work at Guitar Center in Tucson, AZ and my good friend and mentor DJ Hurricane (RIP) of Tucson worked with me and we would test the gear everyday.  Still not happy with mp3 based dj software it took my homie DJ ELEMENT in PHX to convince and show me that it would work and make our lives easier. He was right but not sure we had any clue that it would be then end of vinyl mixing as we new it.  I am glad that Somar and other promoter/DJ's around the globe have starting bring back the true art that we almost lost.  RESPECT!  See you on the14th be ready to dance your booty off!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Workshop HipHop

Got my tables set up n the studio ready to mix up some wax.  
I have been tasking a class this summer and did not have much time for studio sessions. Lots of good ideas floating around working with a new MC and making lots of beats but no project as of yet.  Soon to come though cause fall class starts in three weeks.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sitting here, watching some cartoons with the kids.  We have been riding out all the storms this season.  Summer is going well other than that.  Rocked my cousins wedding recently and had a blast.  It's fun to set up all the gear and throw down for an un-expecting crowd.  You always get the few that have never seen a dj rocking wax and they want to touch the record.  Most of the time I am cool with it unless they have been drinking.  I have been golfing alot more.  I love the game it's great.  I have  some really cool shows coming up.  Next month on the 13th in NW Arkansas with the Breaking Habits Crew.  The following month I will be in Tulsa with Dj Somar and crew.  Runtski and the AZ crew is all good making music and rocking shows.  Come out and rock with me at one of these upcoming shows and let's all have a good time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life is good...

My wife just got a new job making the future bright. I am getting more and more work around the area. Bboys are around, just still practicing in there bedrooms. I plan on throwing a jam sometime soon just not sure where. Make sure and check soundcloud for mixes and for all things JS!